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My Background

My name is Hannah and I’m so happy you have found Holistic Health Hub! 


I set up HHH to help people create the life they truly desire - by connecting them to the their thoughts, body and emotions. 


First of all, a little bit about my background and ethos.  I have a degree in psychology, I’m a qualified Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist(evidence-based Hypno-CBT) and I’m a yoga teacher.  

I believe our thoughts and mindset have a powerful effect on our outer reality, the choices we make and the lives we lead. When working with therapy clients I take a holistic approach – drawing from clinical CBT models, the ancient Indian philosophies of yoga and body awareness, Hypnotherapy training and nutrition to improve your productivity, mood and energy levels.


My goal at HHH is to take you back to the basics and unravel what’s holding you back from achieving the potential you know you have. We will work on resetting the negative autopilot that keeps you worrying about what ‘might happen’. (But most often never does!)


We will work with the amazing powers of neuroplasticity, movement and relaxation, building new positive neural pathways around happiness, gratitude and confidence. 

​Working with HHH means you will have access to a whole programme of evidence-based psychological methods, yoga, breath work and nutrition. Simple and fun daily rituals that have the power to change your life. For good!

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