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Gong & Yoga December Event

Gong & Yoga December Event

Let's join together for a cosy Christmas Sound healing & Yoga Night. A time we can allow ourselves to be with thoughts and emotions we haven't had time to notice/ feel. To have fun, move, relax & let go of the fast pace 🍃🤶🎄


Sunday 10th - 6:30-8:45 pm at Holistic Health Hub Studio. CM6 1PY Drury Lane, Aythorpe Roding.

Lots of free parking at the studio.


-1 hour yoga flow. (All equipment provided).

-Healthy snacks and drinks! Christmas goodies 🎁

- journal prompts to take away 📝

-1-hour gong bath & singing bowls followed by time to discuss experiences and ask any questions about your Gong journey with Tillie and the group.



Join an intimate small group at HHH Studio for a grounding and introspective slow yoga flow, followed by an relaxing Gong bath.


Lay back and relax while you are immersed in the vibrations of the Gong. Gong baths are often described as having transformational effects on the body, mind, and spirit. The best way to understand is to experience it.


The vibrations produced in a Gong bath help to “tune” your body and therefore aid in restoring harmony and resonance throughout. Releasing stored body tension built up from stress, anger, trauma, and the environment.


It also calms the mind by – the synchronisation of our fluctuating brainwaves with the stable frequency of the gong, which our brains acclimate to and unify with.


Similar to meditation no experience is needed, just lay back let go and relax.


What are the benefits of a gong bath?

When something within us is out of tune it can cause dis-ease to arise in our bodies. Factors such as stress, anger, trauma and environment in our daily lives may negatively impact us which can then manifest on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.


The sound of a gong helps the brain reach deep relaxation – specifically the delta and theta brain wave states, which are the slowest brain waves in humans. We tend to reach these states during daydreaming or deep sleep, and they are known to aid relaxation, creativity and natural healing.


Gong baths are highly rejuvenating for the body and bring about an overall sense of relaxation, which can reduce stress as well as help develop a better ability to cope with stress, help move emotional blockages from trauma, and even stimulate altered states of consciousness. They may also encourage greater overall stillness and contentment.


Sound healing can alleviate or cure many conditions such as:

– Anxiety disorder– Stress– Pain– PTSD– Mood swings or negative emotions– Depression– Psychological and behavioural disorders


It can also help manifest emotional and physical healing:

– Relaxation– Improved memory and concentration– Improved sleep– Clarity and balance– A healthier immune system– Enhanced creativity– Overall heightened awareness – of self and the environment


I look forward to seeing you there!


Any questions please contact me via email or message.


Hannah xx

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